Are you actively making art and need another outlet for driving sales? Great, youre in the right spot.

BuyOriginalArt.net is dedicated to publishing awe inspiring art made by living artists.

We want to represent you so that you can represent yourself. What does that even mean?? When you are a part of something greater that yourself, it gives you something to talk about, show off, and even gather income. Your membership to this site will open more doors and spread more interest.

My name is Mary, I am the developer of this website. I quit my good day job to make websites and art. The websites I am making are ones that I have been dreaming about for years because they don’t exists and if they could make my life better, than they can help you out too. So of ourse, being an artist, I had to make an art website! Truly this is one of the websites I am more passionate about and want to help people with.

To be clear, I am making %11 on every art sale on BuyOriginalArt.com, as I should. This is the main part of the website I wanted, was for LOW ARTIST FEES. Either make your own website and pay no artist fees, or go to another place and pay between 30% and 50%.

Here is an awesome chart. I believe this website, once a member, fulfills the top 4 sources of art sales


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Apply to sell your original art on Buyoriginalart.net. No fees until you actually sell, LOW 11% sales fee. You can sell your art online.